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Quick Introduction

Video Tutorials

The easiest way to get started with KiwiSchools!  A great way to learn how to update your site.

You need is a decent broadband connection. If your broadband is slow, click Play then let the video clip download completely - you can then watch the clip without all the stops and starts.

Typical KiwiSchools Page

Explains the anatomy of a KiwiSchools website.

User Accounts

Explains user accounts and how users are able to use the website to publish content.

Editing Content

Explains the basics of creating and editing content.

Content Types

Explains the differences between the different content types available.


Explains the KiwiSchools comment functionality.


Tell us what you think

The KiwiSchools platform is continuously improved based on the feedback we receive from users.

We have had a lot of positive comments from our school community...

We have had a lot of positive comments from our school community since upgrading our website.

Our favorite features are the changing...